Saturday, December 20, 2008

the morning i realize i need to share...

Saturday, December 20, 2008
ok.. the love that i have is far far away from me.. the longer she's there the farther away i feel the love from her.. myb that just feelings.. i dont know wat to do this morning.. so i said to myself lets play the guitar..(sorry apex, i didnt return ur guitar).. so.. i play couple songs i know.. including the special "kotak hati".. hehehe.. thinking and wondering when she be back home.. FYI.. i didnt hear her voice since she's there.. hurmm.. killing me softly "la kan" since i love her so much... after the guitar playing and a cigarette.. i started to think.. y shud i write a blog.. a love blog.. huhuhu.. share people wat i tink bout love and bout how im so in love.. hehehe.. here i am.. writing a blog.. hehehe..

love love love... try to stop me to love u love!!


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