Thursday, January 1, 2009

this year love better last..

Thursday, January 1, 2009
the clock strike twelve.. the new year has come!! welcome 2009!! hope u'll bring better life for me.. hehee. i kno we have to work for the life we want.. but luck doesnt come tat easy.. so.. 2009!! help me.. hehehee.. as the 12am past by. n the sound of fireworks is in the air.. i call my love.. my baby.. my muffin.. i dun kno if any1 knows this but her berthday is at the strike of midnight on the new year day... hehehe.. hurm.. i sang for her wif my heart out.. i cant b wif her to sing to her live.. cause the distance prob n she has sumthg esle to be worry about.. hurmm.. today is her berthday.. n until the next berthday she having, i'll b loving her more n i hope she'll do the same.. this year love better last.. last until my soul apart from my body.. hurmm.. hope my luck will cum by this year n hoping it will cum sooner.. hehehe.. me n my baby is waiting for the day.. the day.. n the day will cum to us.. kan baby?
i lurve u.. u n only u.. no one esle.. except u.. happy berthday to u n hope new year will bring more happiness from me and everyone around u.. muaaahsssxzzzz!!!

love love love... try to stop me to love u love!!


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