Thursday, May 14, 2009

And She's Back!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

my girl of my life has come back.. hahahaha.. i was doin my workout kat gym (u may luff kos im skinny).. hehehe.. but then.. a call that change my feelings rings!! haahahaha.. there she was.. talking to me after leaving me aimlessly for 5 days.. i was going nuts.. xboleyh di biarkan sorg2.. t trus gila!!! haahahahahhaa.. i run down the stairs n on the fon ngn die kat depan kedai2 kat azura tuh.. damn.. sume org tgk i tersengih2 cam org gila.. thanx god!! u make me hepi again.. hahahaha.. anythg good always cums from u!!

and this song is for her!! to let her know not to let me go!!


Carol-fcp said...

because of a girl,u became damn crazy??lol what a weird boy...if i were a boy like u,i will not pick up the phone,
(if i were a boy,i will turn off my phone,tell everyone it's broken so they think that i was sleeping alone)'s a lyric from if i were a boy by Beyonce lol

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