Sunday, September 27, 2009

i'm not going anywhere..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

its a bright sunny day in kemasek, terengganu.. where all the lil fishes splashing around in the clear water near the beach.. huhu.. standing there was 2 lil kids holding hands not knowing what gonna happen next in their live.. as Anep running around, Aween starts to scribble sumthing on the sand.. it says "i'm not going anywhere.. by Aween".

Aween: Anep! Anep! cum and see what i've wrote for u..

Anep stop running n walk to stand next to Aween.. he looks carefully n reads the scrible on the sands carefully..

Anep: i.....'m n..ot.. going.. a...ny.. wh... ere? whats tat suppose to mean Aween?

Aween: it means.. i wont go away from u.. BENGONG!

Anep: hahahaha!! ok2

Anep thinks.. "y the hell Aween wrote sumthing like this?".. then an idea struck him as the water hits the shore.. Anep took the stick that Aween use to scrible on the sand.. n extend the scrible..

Anep: now.. ayat ni jd lg best!! hahaha..

Aween reads..

Aween: i'm not going anywhere.. by Aween n Anep... haa?

Anep: it means.. i n u wont go away from each other!! btul x syg? hehehehe...

Aween: *sigh